"...and of course globalisation now has had a tremendous effect on democracy because power has moved. The World Trade Organisation, nobody elected them. They have enormous power. The IMF, which has just viritually destroyed the Argentine, nobody elects them, and The European Union as well. I was a member of the Council of Ministers for 4 years and in the period, in 1977, of the British presidency of the European Union I was the President of the Energy Council of Ministers and it was an extraordinary experience because it's the only committee I've attended in my life where even when I was the President of it I wasn't allowed to put a (white)paper in! I had to wait for the Commission to put a paper in, and they talk about a European Parliament but the European Parliament doesn't pass the laws at all. The European Parliament is an advisory body - the laws are made by the Council of Ministers, in secret. The only parliament in the world that meets in secret. And it can pass laws that repeal our laws and impose new laws on us without ever going through the British parliament, the French assembly or whatever, and this is, in my opinion, because I'm not a eurosceptic or anti-European in any way, but I'm not going to be governed by people I can't get rid of, and that is the issue that we will have to face when the time comes and centralised executive power is going on everywhere.