"I've had lots of identity cards in my life. I don't mind an identity card with my name, my photograph and my address. This database is a deadly threat because it can be used for blackmail, we now know it probably can be left on a computer thing on a train and be bought by somebody else; and I give you an example: I had a new passport last year and it was using the biometric, it had a chip on it, and when it arrived it said I was a member of parliament. Now, I left parliament 8 years ago - if the government doesn't know by now I'm not a member of parliament how can you rely on anything on the ID cards and you will find when you are given your ID card you won't know what's on it, it maybe someone of a similar name and they made a mistake and you'll never go to America again? And remember this, all the information we gather we have to give to the Americans about our citizens as a deal was done when we got their bomb. We don't have nuclear weapons. They lend them to us - we have to give them all the details about every individual in Britain. It's pretty frightening isn't it?"