(14 July 2008, Interviewed on BBC News 24 by Mr Andrew Neil, On Tony Blair),
'I think without any doubt he was the worst Labour leader we ever had. He abandoned the committment to a fairer society. After all, what was wrong with Clause IV, trying to get a fair reward for your labour? What's wrong with the United Nations charter, which he tore up. Why didn't he consult his cabinet, he didn't. Why didn't he consult parliament, he didn't. Why didn't he listen to the Labour Party Conference, he didn't. I mean he ran it like a medieval monarch!'

Interrupted by Mr Andrew Neil, Tony was asked why Tony Blair was the only Labour leader to win three general elections in a row,

'Well, I think because the British Establishment couldn't believe their luck. They had Thatcherite policies carried through by a Labour Prime Minister, able to call on the Labour Party to support him out of loyalty, and although he got sniping in the press.....I think New Labour has had the best press. Why? Because they were following the policies of Mrs Thatcher. That's my conviction.'