(13 August 1995, BBC Radio 4, interviewed by psychiatrist, and broadcaster Anthony Clare,)

"...But it's interesting because, you see, I do a lot of talks on Christianity and Socialism. Mind you, my Christianity is an ethical Christianity now. I find the mysteries of religion not very helpful...I have a great respect for people who have any faith because we live in a society where there is no faith, where God has been replaced by Mammon, and we are a nation now that worships Mammon. We're told to worship Mammon, and the City of London, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has replaced the Ten Commandants and that I find deeply offensive because it's a virus that's infected everybody, including the Labour Party - they call it Modernisation in the Labour Party but actually it's the acceptance that Mammon will run the world. Now, I know I'm using theological language but that's because I do see it in that way."