(1 October 2006: diary entry from 'Tony Benn, More Time For Politics:  Diaries 2001-2007", on new Conservative Party leader David Cameron),

"The Tory conference began today. David Cameron made a speech about the need for the Conservative Party to move to the centre right - no policies. Cameron is moving into Blair's territory and leaving Thatcherites out in the cold, whereas Blair moved into Thatcher's territory and left the left out in the cold.....The political element is absolutely disappearing. The idea of political choice is disappearing entirely from the agenda. I think people see that, and they don't bother to vote. It may be that, with billionaires in China, and the widening gap between the countryside and the towns, Americanism is just the politics of a satisfied, powerful minority who are able to con everybody else to go along with it. It's a depressing thought."